The Menara gardens, an oasis in the middle of Marrakech

No trip is complete without experiencing a moment of relaxation in a natural beauty spot with spectacular views. The Menara gardens invite people to take advantage of the feeling of disconnection and inner calm and if that moment is accompanied by an unusual landscape, much better!

The botanical gardens offer its visitors a pleasant contrast between the hustle and bustle of the city of Marrakech and the tranquility that can be breathed in the air. If you only take a look, you won’t be able to tear yourself away from the exhuberant landscape and the beautiful pavilion of traditional Arab architecture that is reflected in a large pond surrounded by a marvelous garden of olive trees.



The pavilion, with its privileged location between gardens and a spectacular view, decorates this place with olive groves that extend almost to the Atlas Mountains. The sea of ​​olive trees is nourished by the water coming from this mountain range due to a system of irrigation of a more than nine centuries. When the water coming from the mountains melts, it travels towards the dock, built in order to water these gardens and orchards through the underground channels called a qanat.

The gardens are structured in such a way as to facilitate the passage to the walkers and its main avenue is aligned with the minaret of the Koutoubia.

The pavilion of the Menara and its gardens; in the background, the Atlas Mountains.



The pavilion of the Menara, that cannot go unnoticed, is also known as “Minzah”, and was commissioned by Sultan Abd al-n Rahman in the sixteenth century for use as a summer residence, and was later restored in 1869.  The small green pyramid-shaped roof (menzeh) gives name to the building complex in Menara.

Legends tell us that the pavilion of the Menara was also known as the pavilion of pleasure. It is often said that one of the sultans who was attending this summer retreat used to arrange there his loving appointments.



The Menara gardens are located to the west of Marrakech from where you can see the Atlas Mountains. It is situated only 2 km from the Medina and you can take a taxi for less than 10 dirhams to get there. Opening times are from 08.00 to 17.00 hours.

Entrance to the gardens is free and a visit to the pavilion costs 11 Moroccan dirhams, which corresponds to € 1.

The mountainous landscape, the tall palm trees that splash the horizon and the garden’s varied vegetation, accompanied by the reflection in the carp pond and the presence of the pavilion of the Menara, makes these gardens a great place to stop-by and relax in between sightseeing, besides being the perfect excuse to enjoy an oasis in the bustling city of Marrakech.



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