The beaches of Morocco: Saidia and Agadir

It’s time to start planning your summer vacation… And the best plan for summer is to travel! Also if we have the option of getting to know the beaches of the place we are going to, you can be sure that the holidays will be perfect and complete. Knowing the beaches of Morocco at this time of the year is an incredible experience because of the intense blue of its sea and its golden sand. Come and try it for yourself! Here you will find a few ideas to help you decide where. 

The best beaches in Morocco

Saidia Beach:

Known as the Blue Pearl, Saidia is a small town in Morocco that is bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean and one of the longest beaches in the country that becomes a key point of tourism in summer for its fine golden sand and clean and beautiful deep blue water.

For those who seek proximity between accommodation and the sea, Saidia is is their place! It has part of urbanized coastline and another large part that is formed by wild and semi-deserted beaches for those seeking a deeper rest and total disconnection.

Do not forget to complete the beach days with a visit to the Alcazaba and its souk, places of great cultural and traditional attraction.


Agadir Beach:

Bathed by the waters of the Atlantic, Agadir is a point of great tourist interest in summer. Its beaches, next to the Souss-Massa National Park, are a must for people who come to get to know this Moroccan place.

Legzira Beach:

What to do when you get tired of sitting on the beach in Agadir? Take the bus and go on a trip to the south of Morocco! For example, Sidi Ifni. In the vicinity there is Legzira Beach – the most picturesque beach in Morocco. It is an incredible work of nature made up on this beach of Morocco. The shape of its rocks draw reddish arcs on the beach that are of great attraction for lovers of photography. Although its access presents some difficulty, it is worth getting an all-terrain vehicle to visit this fantastic place full of mist that accompany a bright sun.

The beaches of Morocco are ideal places to spend a few days and discover the most popular corners of the country full of culture and tradition. Saidia, Agadir, Legzira, Mirleft, Essaouira… and many more that you can visit at the best price with the offers for 2018 with Argania Travel.

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