The 10 Best Markets in Morocco

Welcome to the souks of Marrakech, a typical alluring scenario full of tradition that can be found in almost every corner of Morocco. Distributed by different areas of each city, the markets of Morocco are key points in the life of the locals, where meetings go far beyond the purchases. It is an authentic place where you can experience the pure feeling of Moroccan kindness, relaxation and maybe become an expert in trading, who knows?



The 10 best Moroccan markets:


The Medina of Fez:

The largest medina in the world with numerous streets in the form of a labyrinth with stalls distributed in particular areas by type of product.


Jemaa el Fna Square in Marrakech:

The stands surround the square and serve as a meeting point for artists, sellers and visitors. The night gives way to the traditional food stalls that fill the square with unforgettable smells.


Marrakech Souk:

With typical stalls grouped by guilds, its numerous streets offer articles and products that will make you lose track of time while bargaining.


Souk El Had d`Agadir:

In this souk you will find all kinds of food, furniture, cosmetics… even animals! It is not a market crowded with tourists so the purchase is much more tranquil than in the markets mentioned above the list.



Chouara Tannery in Fez:

The market famous for its leather and the best place to see how these materials are worked in an artisanal way.


Place Seffarine in Fez:

Known for being a place where the trade of the copper-smiths is still preserved. You can see how they work copper to make teapots, trays, pots…


Central Marche in Casablanca:

Located on Boulevard Mohammed V. Here you will find all kinds of products with the best quality among all the Casablanca markets.

Henna Souk in Fez:

The best souk to buy cosmetics and natural remedies. We all know that in Morocco caring both for inside and outside beauty plays a fundamental role in Moroccan people’s lives so come here if you want to get to know the most essential beauty secrets.



Fish Market en Essaouira:

A must-visit area in Essaouira. The freshly caught fish stalls fill the market and it is where we can choose our own piece we want to purchase or try them already prepared in one of the bars in the area.


Rue Bab Doukkala Market in Marrakech:

An ideal place to walk, shop and enjoy the authentic culture of Marrakech.


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