Dates Festival

Have you heard about the dates festival in Morocco? It is celebrated at the end of October in the city of Erfoud, in the Ziz River Valley,  that each year comes alive for the celebrations of the annual Date Festival.

Morocco is the eighth world producer of dates and these go far beyond being a simple food. Dates are one of the symbols of the Moroccan culture, they transcend gastronomic borders and become the emblem of the country. Morocco is at the centre of the date producing area with 5 million palm trees spread over 50,000 hectares.

The majority of the varieties of this fruit is collected by cutting the bunch with a machete. However, there are some noble varieties that require a more complex collection due to having larger sizes and higher quality and are collected one by one from the top of the palm tree. One of the most outstanding varieties is the mejhul due to its high commercial value, however it is less consumed by the Moroccans because to its high price.

Did you know that an average citizen eats more than three kilos of dates per year? It is a fruit of high consumption by Moroccans. In addition, the country imports an average of 30,000 tons per year to meet domestic demand of its citizens.

In Morocco, the date is closely related to celebrations, such as Ramadan and a wedding receptions or baptisms. In the date regions it is consumed throughout the year making juices or dried. It is a fruit that never rots! It is rich in good sugars and is highly recommended for athletes and those who have jobs of demanding nature due to its great energy contribution.


What is the dates festival?


This festival stands out for being a typical and authentic fair of the region. With the walks through its souks, folkloric shows through its streets and the tasting of the different varieties of dates, you will be able to know the whole process of collection and distribution of the plantations of this fruit thanks to the informative stands that you will find in the souk.

If you are going to visit the city in these days you will discover in its streets its inhabitants enjoying the festival. You will live with them the importance of this celebration and of course, you will be able to taste the authentic date from Morocco.









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