Survival Kit for Desert Travel

Morocco is really not far from Spain but there are some small variations in its climate to be taken into account depending on the area you visit. In this post we will give you the most essential information before your trip to the Moroccan desert.

Everything you need to know about visiting the Moroccan desert:

  • Clothing:  during the winter the minimum temperature can drop below -5º  and the maximum can reach more than 20º . You must take this into account to choose a clothing to be comfortable and protective that allows you to add or delete layers according to the time of day. For the night the best option is thermal and polar clothing. If you are sensitive to cold temperatures we advise you to take a sleeping bag that will isolate you from the cold at night.
  • Comfortable, light and insulating shoes. The key to enjoy a trip is in the footwear! You can’t enjoy your trip to the fullest extent if you are in pain and can’t walk. The ideal shoes will be both lightweight to avoid weight-bearing during the route and comfortable to avoid scrapes and injuries.
  • Auxiliary backpack. It will be your greatest ally for the night you spend in the desert. In it you can take the clothes you need to warm you during the night and also some basic toiletries such as wipes or handkerchiefs (remember that you go to the desert and it is not easy to find what you may need there!). First aid kit can come great, especially dressings if you happen to have any abrasion, insect repellent (in winter is very unlikely) and some anti-inflammatory medicine or a pain reliever.
  • However, what is the most important without a doubt is “the win of adventure”. You will live a unique experience like spending a night in the desert, so to enjoy it to the fullest, you should leave behind the idea of ​​comfort and luxury of a hotel holiday. During your trip you will have the necessary resources and even the greatest comforts that can be offered in such circumstances, but do not forget that you go to the desert!

You already know what are the essentials for your Moroccan adventure, now it’s time to live your unique experience. Contact us and we will prepare the trip of your dreams!

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