Why go to Saidia beach this summer

The good weather arrives and the high temperatures move our minds to heavenly places that we would like to go to. Facing the summer season and progressive de-escalation in search of the new normality in many countries such as Morocco, there is a beach that is essential to keep an eye on when you plan the destination of your trip.

Possibly the Saidia beach is the longest in Morocco. A beach that opens onto the Mediterranean sea on the northeast coast of the country that can be accessed by road from Tangier, Tetouan or Melilla or also directly from Malaga by boat.

Its good temperature throughout the year and its spectacular landscape makes this place a mandatory point of visit to this area of ​​Morocco. The city of Saidia, which is located in the middle of the bay called by the same name, is located just a few meters from the border with Algeria, and it becomes one of the main summer but not only international destinations of the north of Africa.

Currently known as the “Blue Pearl”, it was not until the beginning of the 21st century when Morocco began to be exploited for tourism and complexes such as that of Saidia were developed in order to attract tourists from all over the world. This was already a summer residence for many of the French settlers in the early 20th century.

If your preference during the holidays is based on tranquility, the Saidia resort specifically is what you are looking for. Very close to the end of the Moulouya river are the hotels on the beachfront. It is leaving the hotel, finding yourself in the natural area of ​​Saidia and that all your ills quickly settle down. In addition to the resorts, apartments and hotels, Saidia has a port with more than 1,500 moorings and a commercial area with all the services you can imagine so that the need to travel does not arise and that everything is at your fingertips.

In addition to the facilities offered by this complex, what you will value most on your trip will be the 7km of beach that will make you disconnect from the routine. This coast of fine and clear sand and its multiple hammocks where you can lie down and relax will make stress not find you.

But, what to do if you stay a couple of days and feel like investigating and getting to know the area?

A few kilometers from the city of Saidia and its tourist complex there are beautiful places to approach such as the end of the Moulouya river where the wetlands form a spectacular image and the Beni Snassen massif, which will be a good attraction for those who love the mountains. feel the need to explore the most natural resources in the area.

Dreams in Saidia come true, why? its multitude of leisure offers. All tastes and preferences take place in this area of ​​the moroccan mediterranean coast. From all types of food you can imagine to a nightlife where you can enjoy the party and the charms of moroccan nights.

Saidia is also famous for being an icon for music and a recurring destination for those who love festivals. In July the Carnival of Water and Art Rimal is held where there is a sand sculpture competition and in August the Reggada festival of music and regional dances is held. In addition to entertainment activities to which the Alpamare Saidia water park joins, this city is also a claim for sports lovers. As we see there is always room for everyone. Among other activities such as those carried out in the marina, in Saidia the golf courses also stand out and it is famous for hosting the international sailing competition called Sailing Cup Saidia in October

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