The best riads and spas in Morocco to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day

February is here, the month of love par excellence. February brings good weather, saving money after the holidays, but above all, it brings the aura that surrounds the whole month, which is love. February is the desire to show that special person how much you love him or her. That’s why travelling is a great way to surprise them and what better way to do it than in Morocco.

There are many couples who think too much about giving a majestic gift to impress their partner. At Viajes Marruecos we don’t believe in quantity, we believe in quality. Quality means experiences… the memories you create together will be your best declaration of love.

That’s why, at Argania Travel we want to accompany you on Valentine’s Day, advising you so that this experience becomes unique and unrepeatable. We will make the trip of your dreams come true at the snap of your fingers. You and your partner will spend nights in luxury riads, enjoy champagne, chocolates and relax in the best spas in Morocco. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

If you’re still there, it’s because you’re interested in what I’m telling you. You want to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day and if that’s important to you, it’s important to us too. That’s why we want you to spend these days in a magical atmosphere in a riad.

This typical Moroccan accommodation is distributed around an inner courtyard where the rooms and common areas are arranged. They are decorated with plants, mosaics and often with fountains and pools. Staying in riads is a good way to immerse yourself in arab and moroccan culture. Authentic accommodation reminiscent of The Arabian Nights.

  • Riads: Some of the best riads to stay and enjoy this Arab culture on Valentine’s Day are, for example in Fez, Riad Relais & Châeaux or in Marrakech, Riad Al Moussika, Riad El Cadi and Riad Ben Brahim.
  • Hotels: If, however, you prefer a little more luxury and are more of a hotel person, Marrakech also has the Atlas Medina Hotel, the Mogador Express Hotel or the Royal Palm Hotel in Marrakech, where you can experience Valentine’s Day in style.

On the other hand, it’s not a truly romantic evening without relaxing and having some time for the two of you. We all need a break and we all deserve to be able to enjoy a little time to pamper our skin and soul. Treat yourself to a relaxing traditional argan massage and enjoy the facilities of the best moroccan spas to complete your dream trip.

  • Therms: There are thermal spas 21 km from Fez with thermal springs whose waters emerge from within the earth. These natural hot springs are rich in minerals with therapeutic functions.
  • Spas: Inspired by the traditional public bath, the hammams, these wellness centres have high quality thermal circuits. They are made for the pleasure of enjoying a good relaxing bath in the jacuzzis, steam baths, sauna and even massage sessions. In Fez, for example, we find some hammams in hotels such as Riad El Yacout, Riad Dar Bensouda and in Marrakech the Riad Awa or Riad Tzarra, among others.

If, in addition to Fez or Marrakech, you are interested in riads, hotels or spas in other cities, do not hesitate to contact the Argania Travel team for more individualised advice.

Dare to tell that person how much you love them.

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