International Cultural Festival in Asilah

Every summer, Asilah is transformed into an immense art gallery. From the 7 until the 25 of July, the city of Asilah is hosting an annual festival that turns its streets into true art. The streets of Asilah turn into real canvases that invite writers, painters, musicians and dancers to take part in numerous workshops, art demonstrations, concerts and many exhibitions. Since 1978 many famous artists from around the world have come to this town to re-paint the murals on the whitewashed houses of the medina. The International Cultural Festival in Asilah brings together artists, politicians, journalists, academics and intellectuals with a common goal, that is to enjoy the culture without restrictions, schedules or barriers.

The walls of the medina are whitewashed before each festival so that artists from all over the world can paint their works of art in the open air. Although the paintings remain the main protagonists of the city for the rest of the year, the festival is also well known for its concerts and lectures, followed by debates on topics of interest related to current national and international concerns.

The cinema is another aspect of the festival which is worth mentioning, as it is a medium which enables worldwide, interactive communication, a dialogue between nations, as well as a factor in the promotion of the identity of individual regions.

Not only famous artists and celebrities of the world of art are attracted by this festival. There are also spaces reserved for lovers of art and culture, as well as those looking for a different place to rest their heads while exploring the city: painting or engraving techniques workshops, poetry recitals and music concerts from around the world.

What is more, various literary prizes are awarded at ceremonies held during the festival, like the Bouland al Haïdari in the Young Arabic Poetry or the Tchicaya U Tam’si in the African Poetry.



Asilah, a place where art and culture are offered year round


Although the International Cultural Festival in Asilah attracts hundreds of artists and visitors with every edition, Asilah is home for culture all year round. Asilah’s charms go beyond the festival, there are a lot of people who decide to live in this city, attracted by the cultural character and the artistic lifestyle that can be breathed in every corner of its streets.

The relaxed atmosphere of the Asilah makes it a perfect place for travellers who seek a cultural break in the spiritual capital of Morocco, a place full history and the essence of Moroccan culture, where one can truly experience the union and coexistence of different peoples and cultures.

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