Do you like camping more than hotel? Morocco will be your next destination

The good part of travel is that you can design them to your liking. There are as many possibilities as travelers, and that is what makes them special and unique. Many people are lovers of well-off, relaxing and far from worries. The hotels are usually a lodging very required by the travelers for their comfort. But not for everyone this is a conditioner. There are also those who prefer to take a backpack and a tent and venture to sleep among nature. The campsites have many advantages too. For tastes, travel.

For this reason, Morocco is an ideal destination to travel through the camps because it has many of them scattered throughout its geography. In general, traveling overnight in campsites is always a cheap option, but in Morocco it is much more. Easily, ten days can cost you 120 accommodation, something unthinkable in Spain or in any other country. It is usual to find campsites where to park your car or caravan that, for two people includes the car could leave you between 4 and 12 euros a good and economic camping, a bargain!

Although prejudices weigh, many camping users say that Morocco is one of the safest and most accessible countries to spend the nights outdoors. They are usually located outside cities, as in almost all sites and are located in rural areas. The security perceived in both private camps and camping-free areas is clear. In Morocco they are used to people camping and camping outdoors and because, taking precautions and asking permission from the owner of each land.

The good thing is the variety of campsites that are due to the richness of landscapes. Both in forests and in deserts, there are always campsites for nomads and tourists who want to spend the nights and days on the countryside.

Among the types of campsites we can find, in the first place, the guarded parking lots within private lands, which have people watching, the campsites with all the comforts that have all kinds of facilities and services, campsites that are located on landscaped grounds together to riads and hotels and that depends on the price or services.

In this publication we leave you the best campsites so you can check them out if you enter the wonderful world of adventurous travel and in contact with nature. Although the area with the best or most conditioned campsites is Agadir, we recommend others such as Assilah campsite, Mouly Bousselham international campsite, Flamingo campsite, Kenitra La Chenaie campsite, Rabat campsite, El Jadida International campsite , the Laguna Park of Oualidia, that of Safí, that of Essaouira, called “Spirit Nature”, that of Tiznit, Tagraute and the Gorges of Ait Mansour, among others.

As you can see, Morocco offers many possibilities to enjoy the trip of your dreams. It only remains to contact specialists such as Argania Travel who will advise you on what you are looking for and will guarantee you a unique accommodation in each place.

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