Azrou: Monkeys in the Cedar Forest

Azrou is the best known Berber municipality in Morocco and is located southeast of Mekinez. Even though it is a locality of not very large extension, its craftsmanship and commercial life are a great tourist attraction.

What to see in Azrou:

Medina: Small workshops and craft shops fill the medina with colors and tradition. The carpets are the flagship product of Azrou as they are true works of art that are unique and entirely hand-woven. Wood carvings are also a great attraction in these workshops.

But the charm of this Berber town cannot only be found inside. The surroundings of the city with its famous cedar forest are places that visitors should not miss!

Cedar forest of Azrou:

It is the most known place in the city and where the tourist activity of the area is centered. This forest is the living reflection of the passing of the centuries and only until a few years ago it was the place where the famous Gran Cedar Gouraud, the largest millenary cedar in the area, was located.

In this forest you can find souvenir and gift shops and the well-known market stalls with peanuts. The reason for these stalls are the hundreds of monkeys of Gibraltar that live in this area. The tourists spend a little of their day playing with them and giving them peanuts as a reward.

Although the place is quite small, it is a perfect place to get to know if you travel to other areas of Morocco such as Fez and you want to make a break and see other places. Take advantage of our Fez + Desert offer where you can get to know Azrou and more localities of the area.

The forest of cedars with its peculiar inhabitants is a place that enchants children so it is a good option to travel as a family and get to know the most traditional and millenary corners of Morocco.