The Andalusian gardens of Rabat that you cannot forget to visit

Do you think that the only thing you can do in Rabat is to visit several monuments and go to the beach? You’re wrong. Rabat’s lung is hidden in the network of streets in the old area. In the Kasbah of Rabat lies a green place where peace and tranquility reigns in the face of the chaos of the Moroccan economic capital.

With flowers of all types and a charm that cannot be matched, in the gardens of Andalusia as they are known, nature abounds and they are totally free to visit. The most beautiful thing is to see the landscape that forms, the mixture between the variety of plants and the walls of the kasbah that can be chosen from inside.

This corner located in the heart of the Kasbah of the Oudayas is an oasis within civilization. So much to take the fresh one during the hot days of summer, like to rest, the Andalusian gardens will always be worth a visit. Its great variety of plants and its ancient and authentic appearance, will force you to stay and enjoy a moment of peace.

Record that the Kasbah was built to house a small civilization and, therefore, like all ancient villages, it was essential to have a castle. Its origin was identified from the beginning of the 20th century and was created by the French domain with the aim of imitating an Andalusian type garden. In this area the palace that stands in the Kasbah of the Oudayas is the backbone of the neighborhood surrounding the neighborhood and that is where the gardens of Andalusia are located. It can be accessed through double-gate or wooden doors, so it belongs to the fortress’s walled enclosure.

The 8,400 meters of surface are organized into rectangular parts where the water structures each zone of the enclosure, appearing ponds and fountains with tiles in some corners of this architectural puzzle as is typical in Arab works of this type, although it is surprising that it lacks a central source as it appears in all Andalusian gardens.

There are aromatic flowers, group trees, flowers … getting lost in this space is a unique experience, where you can feel the same as the Sultan when you decide to spend your relaxing afternoons observing a beautiful picture and listening to the birds singing, a feeling that gives being encrusted around high walls.

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