Why you should visit Dakhla

Dakhla is a small city located in Western Sahara. It is the last stop in Morocco before arriving in Mauritania. A carpet made of white sand with white streets full of whitewashed houses are exactly the words to describe this place. A beautiful coast that is also a sports enthusiast’s delight and the favourite destination for those who love adventure and fun.


History of Dakhla

Fishing activities and the excellent coastal location of Dakhla was a constant source of interest for Spain throughout history. Its proximity to the Canary Islands caused that in 1881 a pontoon was anchored off the coast of the peninsula Rio de Oro to support the tasks of the Canarian fleet. Finally, Dakhla was founded in 1884 at the mouth of the Rio de Oro by the Spanish. At that time it was called Villa Cisneros.

It is true that for decades this city has gone through delicate stages to finally be recognized for its beauty and a wide tourist, cultural and leisure offer. Its beautiful landscapes as much as its extensive artistic historical legacy make of it a place of great tourist interest.


Get to know some of Dakhla’s emblematic places

A walk through any of its streets or along the coast is a real pleasure that will let you immerse yourself in the past of the city. However, there are some mandatory places to visit that perfectly reflect the history of Dakhla, which is now mostly understood as one of the most important attractions of the city.


  1. The fishing port of Dakhla, supposed to become the biggest of Western Africa.
  2. The Spanish Lighthouse, a last remnant of the Spanish influence in Morocco.
  3. The Dakhla lagoon, an authentic paradise and the best kitesurfing spot with amazing views.


Culture and tradition

The humility and simplicity of its inhabitants is reflected in every situation of their daily lives. They offer a kind and friendly treatment to the visitors and its essence is reflected in city’s restaurants and leisure areas. Eating in a small restaurant for very little money and quality dishes will be a unique experience that you cannot miss. It is a both an ideal place for outdoor activities and a quiet rural town, perfect for a relaxing getaway.


Sports and leisure and free time activities

Looking out over the Atlantic, you will be enchanted by the cristal waters of Dakhla lagoon. A constant wind during most of the year and the year round activities attract many foreign visitors that come to enjoy the pristine nature of the city. Natural beauty of the place and constant winds are especially appreciated by those who practice water sports, such as kitesurf and windsurf.

The two principle wave spots at Dakhla are “Point d’Or” and “Foum Labouir“. Great variety of waves on beaches and spots of different levels of difficulty make it an ideal place to practice and learn new tricks and moves.



Don’t hesitate and come enjoy a wonderful experience! Dakhla presents a fascinating landscape that captivates every person who decides to visit the city. Also it offers a great historical background. This is certainly a great opportunity to visit Morocco. If you want to freshen your bucket list with unspoiled nature, don’t forget to add Dakhla to your list.

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