Beaches of Morocco. A landscape for every taste.

The temperatures rise and the sun begins to play a main role… and we are glad to announce that it’s time to prepare your summer vacation! Moroccan beaches are a great option because of the diversity of landscapes, places and styles it offers. In this post we will show you all wide range of Morocco’s most beautiful beaches for all tastes.

Beaches of Morocco. Different beaches for different tastes:

Marabout Beach:

Perfect place for the bohemians, chosen by artists, painters and writers to find the peace and serenity they need in their work. It is located in Mirleft, south of Agadir. Marabout beach offers a warm and pleasant climate and impressive views that have become in recent years the preferred place for aquatics.



For lovers of the wild. You will find the Tarfaya beach after crossing a large expanse of desert. This fishing village offers the wonder of wild beaches where it is common to find small fish stalls near the road.


Sidi Kaouiki:

Whether you’re into kitesurfing, windsurfing or wave surfing, The Sidi Kaouiki is a true surfer’s paradise! Stormy winds and wild beaches  have turned the place into a perfect place for windsports. This wonder of nature is located very close to Essaouira.


To sum up, there are many beaches that form the Moroccan coast and in this post you got to know only few of them! For this reason, many visitors choose to get to know Morocco during the summer. A perfect day by us would be to visit some of the coastal cities and to enjoy a fresh fish captured by the same vendors who offer it and prepare it in their restaurants. Later, to end the afternoon on the beach watching the sunset show an authentic play between color, sand and the movement of the waves. Don’t you agree?


It’s time to prepare your vacation as a couple, family or friends. To make it a unique experience, we offer tailored trips, all acording to your needs!

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