Agadir, the light between the dunes of Morocco

1. History of Agadir
2. Must-see places
3. Culture and tradition
4. Sports and activities


1. History of Agadir

So much of sunshine has made the city of Agadir, Morocco, the country’s number one tourist destination. The beauty of sunlight in front of the ocean, the immensity of its beaches and the dunes are a perfect combination for every tourist from around the globe. Agadir with a carpet of fine sand will take you to paradise due to an idyllic climate, favorable for water sports.

Agadir is considered the regional capital of Morocco and lies to the south of the Atlas Mountains. The capital of the Souss Massa region overflows a rich economic and cultural activity while its fishing port is the most important in Morocco today. The city of Agadir combines modernity and simplicity with green spaces, long avenues, flowery gardens and contemporary architecture.

2. Must-see places

Let us go on a tour of the city. Agadir has three main ports: the commercial, the fishing and the recreational port. The morning auction of the second one is worth a visit, as well as Marina Agadir where you can see boats up to 30 meters.

Agadir is a radiant new city with modern architecture and urbanism; the Valley of the Birds, the Garden of Olhao, the great promenade with more than 5 km of cafes, pubs, shops… Also you should visit the ancient Kasbah and its walls and the new medina where the Museum of Amazigh Culture and the Souk of Had are located and where you can buy the best fresh Souss fruit.

Definitely you should not miss the Souss Massa National Park that extends in a coastal band from the mouth of the Souss river to Sidi Moussa with a diversity of biotopes that host about 250 species of birds and mammals.

3. Culture and tradition

The culture in Agadir is the culture of good taste, of silver bracelets, chiselled brooches or diadems whose pendants go down to the eyebrows. They are jewels loaded with symbolism, whose art is perpetuated by the craftsmen of the Souss jewelers.

This good taste is also reflected in the city’s cuisine. In coastal areas, fish is the main protagonist with dishes such as tuna tajin with raisins, monkfish with candied lemon or gilthead with fennel and celery. The “gadirícuisine, which originated in Agadir, also benefits from Berber contributions in products and recipes.

4.  Sports and activities

Agadir is a paradise for golf lovers, with 4 splendid golf courses on the edge of the ocean that offer an extraordinary combination of levels of play, sensations and pleasures.

The great protagonists of Agadir are undoubtedly its beaches, especially those of Tamrhakht and Taghazout. The Cape Ghir is a promontory where the waves of the ocean come to break against the rocks.

Taghazout, 19 km north of Agadir, direction the Cape Rhir, offers a mild climate throughout the year and is a world-renowned surf center. Water sports lovers, from all over the world, choose this city every year as a destination to practice their sports. Agadir is the most attractive location to head to during winter with a mild climate and hitting the beaches to catch the soft winter sun.

Imouzzer Ida Outanane is located northwest of Agadir. It can be easily accessed by a road that allows you to admire a landscape of canyons with steep walls overlooking the river lined with palm trees and pink laurels. The Tifrit Valley is considered to be one of the most beautiful Moroccan valleys.

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