Taghazout: the perfect beach destination for winter in Morocco

With December just around the corner and just a month before the beginning of winter, the first drops are already falling and we are taking out the coats. For some people, the gray sky is synonymous with peace. Others are simply addicted to vitamin D all year long.

Both preferences come together in one destination: Morocco. For this season, the Maghreb country becomes the ideal destination. For those tourists who want to visit the country in winter, in Morocco, far from what is usually thought, low temperatures are also reached. However, for those who love beach tourism, Morocco has perfect places to continue having that feeling sought by the hottest of living eternal August.

We are talking about Taghazout, a beautiful village 350 km from Marrakech and 30 km from Agadir, which has nothing to envy. This cozy town is less touristic than Agadir, which makes it perfect to enjoy the essence of the coastal town, its beaches and, above all, its gastronomy.

A view of Taghazout beach

As Taghazout is a coastal town, there are many areas with perfect cliffs to see the sunsets that this wonderful town offers us.

Among its streets you can breathe a special air. The hospitality of its people invites you to get to know the town in depth, making you fall in love with its many beautiful streets and corners.

Without being a very windy coastal town, which is what makes it especially pleasant, one of the activities for which Taghazout is famous is surfing. For this reason, in this town you will find surf hostels. A combination of hostels and restaurants where you will discover the true taste of the local seafood (it is said that in many of these hostels for surfers you eat better in many conventional restaurants).

In addition to its wide white sand coastline, the surrounding area of ​​Taghazout also has a lot to talk about. A 10-minute drive away we find the small town of Tamaghart and Paradise Valley, a natural corner that will not leave anyone indifferent and that is worth visiting.

Although it is at a great distance (approximately 4 hours from Marrakech and 8 hours from Casablanca) from the quintessential imperial cities of Morocco, Taghazout has a lot of charming. Its connection with Agadir makes it special because it is known for being the capital of surfing in Morocco.

If, on the other hand, you are one of those who like coastal destinations in winter, in Taghazout you will find the temperature you want. You will not be too cold or too hot. The coastal destinations in winter are the favorites and even, if you dare, you will always have the opportunity to try surfing on the shores of the Atlantic at any time of year (although enjoying the views from a good cafeteria while having a Moroccan tea is not bad either plan).

One of the most characteristic images is that of the beach with the fishermen’s boats ready to go out every morning for fresh fish.

If you want to spend a relaxing vacation, Taghazout is the destination you are looking for.